hello burritos,

Starting to try and knock out some New Year's Resolutions.  One that I've been promising to do for more than a year (to myself and some very patient bandmates) was to get more involved ONLINE!  A necessary evil or flash in the pan fad I ask?  Well, I have a feeling it's sticking around awhile, evil or not.  So what the hell, a Bloggin I will a Go Go.  Now this might age us Donkeys,  but we spent our formidable pimply daze with just a sniff of the new futuristic cyber world we live in today.  No cell phones,  Snail Mail was a thing for super-brained mollusks on vacation and we all had stashes of Nudie Magazines (or even Underwear Catalogues) stashed around our parents' house.  What am I getting at you ask??? I have just the smallest sliver of focus here.  I guess what inspired me to end my online silence was a record I picked up in LA a few weeks ago while up working on some new Burro Blasters.  I found a 7-incher, Man or Astroman's "Captain Holojoy's Space Diner." Unfortunately I left this mini pancake in our van for a bit.  But I retrieved it last night and got to spin it  a few times this morning while drinking coffee.  And it got me thinking..... Not only that the record is the shit...but also what a great time the '90s were.   Bill Clinton playing sax on the Arsenio Hall Show, Three Legged Jeans, Jackie " The Joke Man" Martling, Lucky Lager and photo booths at the mall to name a few examples. I know, I know, there's great music now, and I must admit I'm probably missing a lot of awesome stuff.  Maybe I was just more aware and hungry for live music when I was a teenager.  But even mainstream radio had songs playing that I could relate to, that inspired people like me to try and start a band. Dinosaur Jr. had a video on MTV for heaven's sake.  Say what you will about how cool Matt Pinfield was, we can agree he is way cooler than that Pauly D dipshit.  120 minutes to The Jersey Shore,  it's kind of the perfect example of the evolution of our mainstream culture.  This record was a reminder to me that music should be fun and exciting. 14 inches full of songs about eating diner food in space!  I think the older and longer we keep playing in the same band we start expecting things to happen. And yes, we want to continue to make better records and get more proficient at our musicial - errr - skills.  But that we at least need to keep fun in the game or we are burnt toast.  Man or Astroman made me so excited about being in a band.  To have a chance to be creative and hopefully write a song as good as "The Universe's Only Intergalactic Radioactive Breakfast Bar."  Something that lately gets pushed aside at times.  We spin our wheels talking about the future and plans.  Sometimes we need to just embrace the present and let a fart joke fly!



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