If you don't know. . .

Before the donkeys there was a band by the name of the Moon and Sixpence. Comprised of Alex Delanda, Jessie Gulati, Anthony Lukens, and Sam Sprague. Three of those names may sound familiar, or perhaps all four, Alex is now half of the creative duo behind Extra Classic. I digress, The Moon and Sixpence in my humble opinion was one of the best bands to come out of southern California in the nineties. I feel safe saying it as I wasn't in the band, I just stood by wishing I was that cool. They played often; house parties, coffee shops, bars up and down the west coast. If you didn't know them before it only took a couple songs before you'd be dancing along to their unique brand of rock and roll. In the summer of 1999 they recorded and released three songs on uncarved block records. Short and sweet this record showed all the promise in the world. Shortly after that release while on a tour to the Pacific Northwest the band got the attention of Vern Rumsey of the band Unwound and the Label Punk in My Vitamins. It wasn't long before they were back on the road to Olympia, WA this time to record a full length for Vern's Label. From what I remember of the demos and rough mixes that record would have killed it. Unfortunately I speak of it in the past tense as the record never made it out of the studio. For one reason or another it just didn't work out and I do believe the world to be a little sadder of a place as a result. With that being said there is still this 7" and it is just as good today as it was in '99. Feel free to check it out here, you can also head over to our store and pick it up as a download. With any luck one of our mutual friends is holding on to those demos or rough's and wouldn't mind sharing with me. When that happens I will definitely be sharing them here. Enjoy

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