Ride the Black Wave is here. And we couldn't be more proud of it.
go to you local record store and pick it up. If they don't have it
make them order it. We are also available on the itunes and such.
While you're at it go over to The Talkhouse and check out an awesome
review of the album written by the one and only Craig Finn. I should
also mention for those of you in San Diego we are having our record release
show Friday night at the Irenic. Early style, get there at seven and enjoy.

The Donkeys

Blues in the Afternoon

Last time we were on tour I filmed the country on my phone as we drove
though it. It later seemed appropriate to put it all together with
this song. "Blues in the Afternoon" is the name of it and it is off our
upcoming album entitled Ride the Black Wave. June 3rd is the day we have
all been waiting for. Pre-order now or check your local record store next
month. Also keep an eye out as we have a lot of shows in the near future.
look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Donkeys

Record Store Day

April 19th we all celebrate our favorite day, Record Store day. So many labels
releasing so many limited edition albums, singles, and re-issues to be sold strictly
in record stores across this fine country of ours. This year the new label will be
putting out a limited run of three split 45's. One of which will contain a new song of
ours and Howlin Rain's. The other two feature The Papercuts / Rodrigo Amarante, and
Vetiver / E.D.J. All three are solid and all three will only be available that saturday.
To coincide the release we are playing a set at M-theory records in Mission Hills
at 4:00pm. Come one come all, come early and stay late. DJ's, food, and beer what more could
you ask for from you neighborhood record vendor?


The Donkeys

On the Road Again

New album means we will be touring quite a bit. These are the first confirmed dates
of what is to be our summer schedule. It looks like quite a few long drives, and not
a lot of time off but such is life on the road. I'm just sad we wont be able to spend more
time with all y"all. See you soon, lord knows I can't wait.


The Donkeys

It's Official

Ride the Black Wave is the name of our fourth full length album on Easy Sound
Record release party in San Diego on June 6th at the Irenic theater and in
Los Angeles and the Church of York on June 7th. It is going to be a blast.
To listen to the first single "scissor me cigs" click here.
see y'all soon!


The Donkeys

Some Shows

With the announcement of the new label and album release, we are starting to get
our tour schedule lined up. First things first we will be headed to San Francisco
next week to participate in the Noise Pop Festival. Wednesday the 26th with The
Papercuts, Vetiver, and EDJ. March 7th we be playing the Soda Bar here in San Diego
kicking off a trip to SXSW. The specifics of which we are still working out. Keep an
eye on our live page or facebook for updates with that. We are also hammering out the
details on a U.S. tour for the month of july. Looking forward to getting back in that
van and visiting all of you. We'll keep you posted.


The Donkeys

Big News

So, We haven't had a lot to say lately but that is for good reason.
We have been very busy gearing up for the upcoming release of our new album.
Along with that, as some of you may know, we were shopping around for new
label representation, being that Dead Oceans no longer wanted to work with us.
But like they say when a door closes another more better door opens somewhere
near by. (or something like that) And by that I mean that the Donkeys are now
a part of the new and enterprising record label Easy Sound Recording Company. A branch
off of Vanguard and based in L.A. we couldn't be happier. Along with us Easy
announced today their 2014 line up including the likes of Vetiver, The Papercuts, EDJ
(of the fruitbats), Isobel Campbell (Belle and Sebastian), Howlin' Rain, and
Rodrigo Amarante (little Joy) To say the least we are stoked.

There's more to come very soon and it is
all very exciting. So please stay tuned. Meanwhile check out the announcement
video from the label.

Talk to you soon

The Donkeys

Happy X-mas

A few years back we recorded some holiday inspired tunes for our friends.
I had almost forgotten about them when Sam reminded me of their existence.
I dug around a bit and voila, a little rough around the edges
but no less a fun listen. Recorded by us on some questionable gear please enjoy
our christmas "EP"

Santa Claus For A Day

Ghost of Christmas past

Christmas Night

Tell Me What I Get

Peace on Earth

The Donkeys

RIP Lou Reed

As I'm sure we all know Lou Reed, front man for the Velvet Underground,
passed away on the 27th of last month. And as with many people this news
had made for a sad day. In tribute to his prolific life and unfortunate
passing. Anthony and Jessie preformed a couple Velvet's tunes on Tim Pyles'
local show at 94.9. We were in studio that sunday night promoting our
then upcoming halloween show. Click on the links below to hear them.
Thank you Lou for all the great tunes and inspiration. The Velvet Underground
and your subsequent solo work were instrumental in our growth as a band.

Pale Blue Eyes

Sunday Morning


The Donkeys

Mother Hips

Come September we will be back in Pioneer Town playing at
one of our new favorite venues. Saturday the 21st of that
month will be the Mother Hips Desert Dust up at Pappy and
Harriet's. They have asked us to join them in the festivities
and we couldn't be happier to oblige. In related news, the Adams
Ave. Street Festival is also in September. We will be playing that
the 29th I believe. So hopefully we'll see you out this upcoming month.

Summer is almost over, Get out and enjoy it.

The Donkeys

Fruit Bats

Our Friends The Fruit Bats are going to be playing a few shows
of their album "Mouthfulls" in its entirety plus other hits
up in the northwest this November and have asked to join them.
So far we have three dates with them and there will be more confirmed
dates for us to come on our journey there and back. So far this is
what we are doing.

Thursday, 11.14 at Neptunes in Seattle, WA
Friday, 11.15 at Upstairs Caberet in Victoria, BC
Saturday, 11.16 at The Aladin Theater in Portland, OR

Come one, come all. They are bound to be great nights. I'll Keep you posted
on more dates as they are confirmed.

The Donkeys

WDNKY Radio #3

Part three of the summer series known as WDNKY radio brought to you
in full by the one and only Sam. Go to the beach! or the nearest body
of water. Remember making out is fun, as well as cooking outside and
late nights on patios with friends.

Track list coming soon...

The Donkeys

Cass McCombs & us

A few weeks ago we hit the road for a little west coast weekend. The
catalyst for the trip was the Huichica music festival. We talked about
this already but what I hadn't mentioned before was that, your friend and
ours, Cass McCombs was playing as well and asked if we would back him on some
covers to close his set. Short story long, it was a lot of fun. Here is
the jammed out rehearsal version of "dearest darlin'" by Bo Diddley.

The Donkeys

WDNKY Radio #2

More killer tunes to jive to. On what is our second installment of WDNKY
Radio. This new volume brought to you by Tito

01.Deerhunter-Pensicola 02.Cass McCombs-Love Thy Enemy 03.The Black Lips-Vini Vedi Vici
04.Chuck Berry-Havana Moon 05.Martin Denny-Quiet Village 06.Kurt Vile-Never Run Away
07. Real Estate-It's Real 08. The Damned-New Rose 09.The Groupies-Primative
10.Black Angels-Mine All the Time 11.Speedy West-??? 12.GOAT- Run To Your Mama
13.Tame Impala-Elephant 14.A Place To Bury Strangers- Onward to the Wall
15.Twin Shadow- 5 Seconds 16.Arcade Fire-Modern Man 17.The Etheopians-Woman World

The Donkeys

Summer Travels

We got some dates for the summer. There will be more to come
But for now lets go from here. Hope to see you soon

The Donkeys


I found some pictures that our buddy Wes took of us as we toured around last time
I figured it was time to share them with the world. He rules and he makes great photos.
You may remember him as the man responsible for the tour magazine we've been selling at
shows. That reminds me, I really need to get a "store" up and running. First things first
enjoy the pictures

The Donkeys

Donkeys Radio

Introducing WDNKY Radio. We all got together last night and made
"mix tape" that we are going to start posting as a radio show.
So here is the first installment of an open ended series. Summer
series vol. 1. Enjoy the jams and go outside.

01.DMZ-Barracuda 02.The Ramones-California Sun 03.Flammin' Groovies-Texas Border
04.Thee Oh See's-Block of Ice 05.Sexteto Bolona-Te Prohibido el Cabaret
06.The Papercuts-Sandy 07.Jerry Byrd-Show Me How to Do the Hula
08.Vetiver-Right Away 09.Jane Birken-Kawasaki 10.The Mummies-Food,Sickles,Girls
11.The Grateful Dead-Cream Puff War 12.Kendrick Lamar-Money Trees
13.???-Vladamir Guerero's Lament 14.Mulatu Astatke-Netsanet 15.Unwound-Arboretum
16.Moon Duo-Mazes 17.Frank Wakefield & Buster Turner-Leave Well Enough Alone

The Donkeys

New Song

We went back into Lost Ark Studio last week to record a new song
for a compilation series they're releasing. The track is called
"Not Messin' Around" and features Anthony on the lead vocals
Here are some pictures of the session as well. Hope you enjoy the
song as much as we did making it.

The Donkey


One of the funnest things we did last summer was the Huichica
music festival. In Sonoma, CA on the Gundlach Bundschu vineyard,
it was an epic couple of days. Camping, great bands, friends, and more
wine than we should have drank (oh well) So, needless to say we are all pretty pumped
to have been asked to do it again. The line up this year is awesome, as far as the music
and food is concerned. We are also going to play a few shows on our way up there
(I'll update the live page). So if we are coming to your town, we look forward
to seeing you. If not get yourself some tickets to this festival it will be well worth your while.

The Donkeys


With the Help of our new friends at Lost Arc Studios we recorded our contribution to
the Jason Molina tribute. It was a bit of a somber experience to be sure but we tried
to keep it light, as we think he would have appreciated. The studio was as much a gear
museum as it was anything else. Paul, Mike, and company have done an amazing job putting
together quite the space and guitar arsenal. One day recording and on day mixing now we are done.
Here are some pictures from the session courtesy of Robert Sanchez

The Donkeys

Rest in Peace, Jason Molina

The news of the passing of a dear friend and talented musician has saddened us all.
In honor of his prolific life and catalog Graveface Records will be releasing a limited
edition tribute CD. With the help of many of his talented friends and musicians the album
will also be accompanied by a "get well map" illustrated by William Schaff. The Map,
originally intended for Jason to help him through a rough time, will now serve to help
those loved ones left behind cover some of the costs of his passing. The tribute will be titled
"Weary Engine Blues" after one of Jason's paintings that will grace the cover. The Donkeys
were asked if we would like to contribute so we are planning on going into the studio to
record a version of "O Grace" off the Josephine album they were touring when we hit the road
with them. For more information follow the link underneath.

We will miss you Jason.

The Donkeys

Grave Face Records

The Songs of Jason Molina

Mixing the New Album

Back in LA for seven days to mix with Thom Monahan.
If we are to take anything from the way he transformed
the last record I cant wait to hear what he does with this one.
The man is a wizard, Monahan the Grey work your magic.

The Donkeys