A letter home


Dear Mom and Dad,

Tour is going great and is pretty much a non stop laugh riot. It's really beautiful traveling through the states in springtime. 

The first few shows have all been total ragers and there's a surprising number of fans coming out to see us. In Amarillo the other day, someone recognized the guys and I while we were having lunch at the steakhouse and paid for our tab. Then we all got Texan cowboy boots, and afterwards I bought everyone milkshakes at What-A-Burger with the $20 you gave me before I left. It definitely won their hearts. 

The scheduling is pretty hectic, so immediately after that it was straight to the hanger so we could meet with Jeff, our pilot, and take the bi-plane our label leased us to get to our gig in Dallas. Jeff keeps the wings rigged up special. So if you dare, you can walk out on them, strap in standing and he'll do barrel rolls and other tricks he learned flying in the war. It was scary, but I did it for a few minutes after being persuaded by the guys on how fun it would be. Turns out, they were right--what a blast!

Then we went to Memphis and we played the national anthem before the Grizzlies game. The green room hospitality was on point and the guys literally had to drag me out of the artists jacuzzi so we could get to our next gig in time for sound check. 

We finally got some time off near Atlanta where the guys and I blew off some steam at Six Flags and rode roller coasters until our manager, Roman, puked on himself and ordered everyone back on the bus. 


Hope you're doing well back home and everyone is healthy and happy. I look forward to seeing you and sharing my photos and more memories! 

With love,


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