Good times on the road

       Just home from the first leg of our spring/summer touring. Started in Austin for five days of SXSW madness. The shows we played were quite the success and the friends we bumped in to made all the difference in the world. It is a fun corner of the world to be in to be sure. From there we headed north making our way ultimately to Bellingham, WA before heading back south. Along the way we had the pleasure of playing the treefort music festival in Boise, ID. It was a beautiful spring day and we played just before sunset to a very enthusiastic crowd. The kicker being that directly after we played we were treated to a performance by one of our favorite bands Built to Spill. As good as remember if not better then when I last saw them years ago. It truly was an honor to share the stage with those dudes. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.37.13 AM.png

      South from there we met back up with our friends Buxton in Las Vegas. Only being in the city of sin for 14 hours is probably a good thing, but it didn't feel long enough. They had never been, so before and after the show we did our best to give them the basic run down. That rundown pretty much consisting of "This is Frankies, the best Tiki bar in town" and "aren't those lights pretty?" If you've seen one casino you've seen them all. Coming to the end of the tour we had a few days between Vegas and LA so we headed out to the dessert and set up shop at our friends house outside of Pioneer Town. Jammed most of the days and nights, refreshing some old songs and writing some new, the reset was just what the doctor ordered. Can I just say, the songs that came out of the dessert this trip are sure to be amongst our best. That place is magical, we need to do it again.

       After that it was LA, and a raucous home-coming in San Diego. We do love it here. Sent Steve to the airport and settling back in a bit before we hit the road again a few weeks. The next trip is a quick one but its covering a lot of ground. East coast and back so keep and eye out for our arrival. in the meantime swing over to our gallery page and check out the instagram feed for pictures from the trip. 

   Talk to you soon.


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