Big News

So, We haven't had a lot to say lately but that is for good reason.
We have been very busy gearing up for the upcoming release of our new album.
Along with that, as some of you may know, we were shopping around for new
label representation, being that Dead Oceans no longer wanted to work with us.
But like they say when a door closes another more better door opens somewhere
near by. (or something like that) And by that I mean that the Donkeys are now
a part of the new and enterprising record label Easy Sound Recording Company. A branch
off of Vanguard and based in L.A. we couldn't be happier. Along with us Easy
announced today their 2014 line up including the likes of Vetiver, The Papercuts, EDJ
(of the fruitbats), Isobel Campbell (Belle and Sebastian), Howlin' Rain, and
Rodrigo Amarante (little Joy) To say the least we are stoked.

Along with that we will be playing an unofficial label showcase at noisepop
in San Francisco on the 26th. There's more to come very soon and it is
all very exciting. So please stay tuned. Meanwhile check out the announcement
video from the label.

Talk to you soon

The Donkeys

Happy X-mas

A few years back we recorded some holiday inspired tunes for our friends.
I had almost forgotten about them when Sam reminded me of their existence.
I dug around a bit and voila, a little rough around the edges
but no less a fun listen. Recorded by us on some questionable gear please enjoy
our christmas "EP"

Santa Claus For A Day

Ghost of Christmas past

Christmas Night

Tell Me What I Get

Peace on Earth

The Donkeys

RIP Lou Reed

As I'm sure we all know Lou Reed, front man for the Velvet Underground,
passed away on the 27th of last month. And as with many people this news
had made for a sad day. In tribute to his prolific life and unfortunate
passing. Anthony and Jessie preformed a couple Velvet's tunes on Tim Pyles'
local show at 94.9. We were in studio that sunday night promoting our
then upcoming halloween show. Click on the links below to hear them.
Thank you Lou for all the great tunes and inspiration. The Velvet Underground
and your subsequent solo work were instrumental in our growth as a band.

Pale Blue Eyes

Sunday Morning


The Donkeys

Mother Hips

Come September we will be back in Pioneer Town playing at
one of our new favorite venues. Saturday the 21st of that
month will be the Mother Hips Desert Dust up at Pappy and
Harriet's. They have asked us to join them in the festivities
and we couldn't be happier to oblige. In related news, the Adams
Ave. Street Festival is also in September. We will be playing that
the 29th I believe. So hopefully we'll see you out this upcoming month.

Summer is almost over, Get out and enjoy it.

The Donkeys

Fruit Bats

Our Friends The Fruit Bats are going to be playing a few shows
of their album "Mouthfulls" in its entirety plus other hits
up in the northwest this November and have asked to join them.
So far we have three dates with them and there will be more confirmed
dates for us to come on our journey there and back. So far this is
what we are doing.

Thursday, 11.14 at Neptunes in Seattle, WA
Friday, 11.15 at Upstairs Caberet in Victoria, BC
Saturday, 11.16 at The Aladin Theater in Portland, OR

Come one, come all. They are bound to be great nights. I'll Keep you posted
on more dates as they are confirmed.

The Donkeys

WDNKY Radio #3

Part three of the summer series known as WDNKY radio brought to you
in full by the one and only Sam. Go to the beach! or the nearest body
of water. Remember making out is fun, as well as cooking outside and
late nights on patios with friends.

Track list coming soon...

The Donkeys

Cass McCombs & us

A few weeks ago we hit the road for a little west coast weekend. The
catalyst for the trip was the Huichica music festival. We talked about
this already but what I hadn't mentioned before was that, your friend and
ours, Cass McCombs was playing as well and asked if we would back him on some
covers to close his set. Short story long, it was a lot of fun. Here is
the jammed out rehearsal version of "dearest darlin'" by Bo Diddley.

The Donkeys

WDNKY Radio #2

More killer tunes to jive to. On what is our second installment of WDNKY
Radio. This new volume brought to you by Tito

01.Deerhunter-Pensicola 02.Cass McCombs-Love Thy Enemy 03.The Black Lips-Vini Vedi Vici
04.Chuck Berry-Havana Moon 05.Martin Denny-Quiet Village 06.Kurt Vile-Never Run Away
07. Real Estate-It's Real 08. The Damned-New Rose 09.The Groupies-Primative
10.Black Angels-Mine All the Time 11.Speedy West-??? 12.GOAT- Run To Your Mama
13.Tame Impala-Elephant 14.A Place To Bury Strangers- Onward to the Wall
15.Twin Shadow- 5 Seconds 16.Arcade Fire-Modern Man 17.The Etheopians-Woman World

The Donkeys

Summer Travels

We got some dates for the summer. There will be more to come
But for now lets go from here. Hope to see you soon

The Donkeys


I found some pictures that our buddy Wes took of us as we toured around last time
I figured it was time to share them with the world. He rules and he makes great photos.
You may remember him as the man responsible for the tour magazine we've been selling at
shows. That reminds me, I really need to get a "store" up and running. First things first
enjoy the pictures

The Donkeys

Donkeys Radio

Introducing WDNKY Radio. We all got together last night and made
"mix tape" that we are going to start posting as a radio show.
So here is the first installment of an open ended series. Summer
series vol. 1. Enjoy the jams and go outside.

01.DMZ-Barracuda 02.The Ramones-California Sun 03.Flammin' Groovies-Texas Border
04.Thee Oh See's-Block of Ice 05.Sexteto Bolona-Te Prohibido el Cabaret
06.The Papercuts-Sandy 07.Jerry Byrd-Show Me How to Do the Hula
08.Vetiver-Right Away 09.Jane Birken-Kawasaki 10.The Mummies-Food,Sickles,Girls
11.The Grateful Dead-Cream Puff War 12.Kendrick Lamar-Money Trees
13.???-Vladamir Guerero's Lament 14.Mulatu Astatke-Netsanet 15.Unwound-Arboretum
16.Moon Duo-Mazes 17.Frank Wakefield & Buster Turner-Leave Well Enough Alone

The Donkeys

New Song

We went back into Lost Ark Studio last week to record a new song
for a compilation series they're releasing. The track is called
"Not Messin' Around" and features Anthony on the lead vocals
Here are some pictures of the session as well. Hope you enjoy the
song as much as we did making it.

The Donkey


One of the funnest things we did last summer was the Huichica
music festival. In Sonoma, CA on the Gundlach Bundschu vineyard,
it was an epic couple of days. Camping, great bands, friends, and more
wine than we should have drank (oh well) So, needless to say we are all pretty pumped
to have been asked to do it again. The line up this year is awesome, as far as the music
and food is concerned. We are also going to play a few shows on our way up there
(I'll update the live page). So if we are coming to your town, we look forward
to seeing you. If not get yourself some tickets to this festival it will be well worth your while.

The Donkeys


With the Help of our new friends at Lost Arc Studios we recorded our contribution to
the Jason Molina tribute. It was a bit of a somber experience to be sure but we tried
to keep it light, as we think he would have appreciated. The studio was as much a gear
museum as it was anything else. Paul, Mike, and company have done an amazing job putting
together quite the space and guitar arsenal. One day recording and on day mixing now we are done.
Here are some pictures from the session courtesy of Robert Sanchez

The Donkeys

Rest in Peace, Jason Molina

The news of the passing of a dear friend and talented musician has saddened us all.
In honor of his prolific life and catalog Graveface Records will be releasing a limited
edition tribute CD. With the help of many of his talented friends and musicians the album
will also be accompanied by a "get well map" illustrated by William Schaff. The Map,
originally intended for Jason to help him through a rough time, will now serve to help
those loved ones left behind cover some of the costs of his passing. The tribute will be titled
"Weary Engine Blues" after one of Jason's paintings that will grace the cover. The Donkeys
were asked if we would like to contribute so we are planning on going into the studio to
record a version of "O Grace" off the Josephine album they were touring when we hit the road
with them. For more information follow the link underneath.

We will miss you Jason.

The Donkeys

Grave Face Records

The Songs of Jason Molina

Mixing the New Album

Back in LA for seven days to mix with Thom Monahan.
If we are to take anything from the way he transformed
the last record I cant wait to hear what he does with this one.
The man is a wizard, Monahan the Grey work your magic.

The Donkeys

Wes Frazer Rules!

I just Found these pictures on my phone. Wes had sent them to me when we were on tour.
Wes is a good friend of ours from Birmingham, AL he rides along with us on the road from
time to time and graces us with is photographing styles. He made a zine of
our trip last summer that turned out great. If you are among the lucky that got a chance
to pick one up this summer you know what I'm talking about. He does great things with
a camera these are just iphone shots. You should see his blog it is pretty awesome.
Wes Frazer
Anyways enjoy the pictures and his blog. talk too you soon.

The Donkeys

Tour blog #10

Tour ruled! Every show proved to be better then the last. Some very familiar faces and
plenty of soon to be met us at every show. The drive through the southwest is always
long, flat, and hot but worth it. Our friends Matt and Amy hosted us in Phoenix with their oh so lovable dog Garfunkle.
We had never played El Paso, TX before and didn't know what to expect, that show we won't soon forget.
Having our label and booking agent in TX, that state always offers a nice home away from home feel.
We met up with our friends Buxton from Houston that night in Austin which started a five date run with them trough the south.

There is never enough time in New Orleans. But we had to leave early to get to Atlanta in time. Our good friend Wes caught
up with us that night and stuck with us all the way back to California. On the way to Knoxville
we stopped in the mountains for a much needed swim in the Ocoee river. With one night left
with the folks from Buxton we stayed up late in knoxville at our friends house. Then hit the road to Raleigh
to say good bye to them and the South. One last thing, If you are every in the Carolina's and
you see or hear the name Magic Mike anywhere, pay attention because this guy is a real deal wizard and worth looking in to.

The Donkeys


So the 45 is out and we couldn't be happier. If you want to get one you
can buy a digital copy of the songs at the Thing Thing Thing website.
If you want a physical copy feel free to give us an email and we will figure
something out, or just come to one of our upcoming shows we will have pleanty for sale.
Along with the 45 Lizeth from thing thing thing made a video of the recording. So until we see you next enjoy this here video.

The Donkeys


The Donkeys are proud to announce the release of there new 45 "won't let you / try to pretend"
available April 20th on Thing Thing Thing records.
We are going to be celebrating on April 21st (record store day) at M-theory records at five p.m.
come one come all its going to be rad.

We are also going to be hitting the road for a few weeks starting may 12th
at the soda bar then on to the rest of the country. Three weeks non stop to the east coast and back with our final destination being the
Huichica music festival in Sonoma. I'll get the dates for that up in a couple of days. With that
being said have a great day and we will see you soon.

The Donkeys

Tour blog #9

So we never did wrap up the last part of tour in photographs.
I guess we all got a little excited and destracted by home. We are
however back on the road, so hopefully these long drives will inspire
some inter-webbing. We hit the road this time to meet up with our friends
the Hold Steady to do a leg of thier summer tour with them. Couldn't be
more excited about it. The three dates we did with them last year on the
west coast were pretty fun, looking forward to more of the same.

It was thursday when we left home, the first show was in Marfa Texas.
A fourteen hour drive broken in to two legs got us to our destination on
friday in the early afternoon. For all of y'all that haven't heard of
Marfa it is a small town in west Texas that had been co-opted in the mid
seventies by some New York artists and has been a hub of creativity ever since.
A lot of cool movies have been filmed there and the town bosts some great
architecture and numerous galleries and museums.
We hit town early and
found the venue with out incedent. Padre's was the name and it was everything
we could have asked for, a large front room with a well stocked bar and
comfortabley sized stage. In the back was an epic game room and patio not to
be missed. Greated by Yvonne, we were told that food was on them as well as
all the draft beer we wanted. The night was full of promise. With time to kill
we explored the town, we found the hotel where they filmed giant, the ever so
bizare Prada store ( located in the middle of nowhere ) and more great places
to drink a beer in hundred degree weather than you can shake a stick at. As
it turns out everyone in Marfa is incredibly friendly and we had great
time mixing with the locals while trying to stay lucid for the show to
follow. The night went off without a hitch and we had a blast, late
night dining at the Museum of Electronic Wonders and Grilled Cheese Parlour aka
Food Shark and a drive out to the viewing area of the mysterious Marfa Lights.
I could go on for a while about the Marfa Lights but I am already a little long
in the mouth so I'll just let wikipedea take care of that one. The town was
booked up hotel wise by the time we started worrying about such things so the van
it was for a weird nights sleep then seven hours drive to Austin in the morning.

Saturday night at Emo's was an exciting prospect. The soundguy Jim (who had been working there since the 90's)
dialed us in at the sound check and we headed out to meet up with Phil from Dead Oceans for dinner.
Austin on a saturday night is a weird place. Or at least I should specify 6th Ave.
The streets were packed and every other business seemed to be a night club blasting
loud dance music and boasting rediculous drink specials. Crazy dudes and scantly
clad ladies as far as the eye could see. Austin really is a town that loves thier
live music, everyone we meet at the show had nothing but great things to say
afterwords. We left there to our friends Stacy and Clarks place and preceded to stay up
till dawn drinking lone star in the backyard catching up. Next stop Houston

Sam seems to have family everywhere and houaton is no exception. We got to town a couple
hours early, so we went to Aunt Denise's house for a good home made meal with all the
cousins. I know we have only been on the road a few days by that point but
it doesn't take long to crave home cooking. We had played the night before with
a group from Houston by the name of Buxton. They were super cool people and the
band sounded great, so we were all looking forward to playing with them again.
but with all respect to them the true highlight Houston had to offer us was
the house and hospitality of our booking agent Eric. We got there late after
the show and spent the night digging throughs his epic record collection.
We woke up in the morning to a great breakfast and more records. All good things
must come to an end they say, so we reluctantly got showered and packed up the van
said our goodbyes to Eric and his wife Virginia and hit the road. And that is
where we are now somewhere between Houston and Norman, Oklahoma on interstate 45.

With that I will say farewell until next time. I do believe there are pictures still
from the last leg of our june/july tour, I'll find those and put them up soon. talk to you then.

The Donkeys

Tour blog #8

Alright the first leg of our summer excurtion is officially behind us. We are home for about
ten days to lick our wounds and get ready for what will be a heck of a time in Calgary for the
Sled Island Festival. There is a lot to cover of our trip home from Texas still, but I
am going to let one of the other dudes run through that. For the time being I have been
mixing down some of the tracks the sound guy from Denton at Dan's Silverleaf gave us.
That was a great night. The venue ruled, Jimmy ran sound and killed it, but most note
worthy our good friends from Why? were in town recording so we got to spend some time with
them. Be it all too brief, but when you live on other sides of the country from one another,
you take it where you can get it. So, sit back, relax and check out the sweet extended live
jam of the title track from our new album Born With Stripes.
talk to you soon

the donkeys

Oh Yeah, Check Out Our Video

Our good friend Jeff Lowe came down to San Diego and shot this for us a couple
of months ago. With the help of another friend of ours, Patrick Rosetti, they edited it up
and now we have our first official video. It did take a while for that to happen, but we
don't plan on repeating that mistake. So keep an eye out for the next one, we have some
sweet tour and live footage we plan on putting together soon. Enjoy


Tour Blog Entry #7

Hey everybody! We last left you in that blurry space somewhere between New Haven, Boston,
New York, and Philly. To catch you up to speed, Boston ruled because we saw our friends
and snuck into Fenway. New Haven was awesome because the crowd got loose and danced like crazy.
New York is pretty much a sure thing. And Philly...what can I say? We had four friends travel
with us from NYC and had cheese steaks at two in the morning with our newest bro band, Citay!

The next day we said our sad goodbyes and traveled south to DC which was a hot and sweaty mess.
The boys and I were tired, but we pulled through, shook em up proper and said goodbye in style
complete with cops yelling at us and me being dismissed on the street as being (or having?) a
"dumb white ass!" Awesome!

Then the Donkeys crossed the Mason-Dixon line, and returned to the South. Upon arriving in
North Carolina, we were greeted with smiling faces and an ice chest full of beers. Revitalized
and eager to entertain, the Donkeys went out, tore it up and played one of my favorite sets of
the tour. We also saw our good pal Leo of Southeast Engine and got to meet his lovely fiance,
Katie - Hubba Hubba! Speaking of Hubba Hubba, our old friend Ariana came to see us too and went
crazy at the merch booth! We stayed with Leo and Katie in Durham and had Tetris competition all
night. Let me just say this, that man can play drums and that man can play Tetris.

After a few quick Tetris matches, showers, and conversations about Guided By Voices, we took Leo to
lunch and headed to Asheville. All any of us knew about this town was that it was a mystical place
high in the Appalachian mountains, and everyone who had been there said it was totally awesome.
What people don't say is that there's like 80 breweries in town and it's home of the legendary
synth manufacturer, Moog! We bought plenty of craft beers (my favorite, the local favorite Keltic
Ale, by Highland Brewery), but unfortunately, I didn't get to buy a craft keyboard. Maybe next tour.
Jessie and I did get a chance to peak through the window and check out The Moog building after our
show and that was fun enough. But the fun didn't stop there! Our newest friends Claire and Meredith
put us up and in true southern style, had us drinking Keltic Ales and Coors lights on their porch
and telling jokes 'till the wee morning hours. Claire even put on Gorillas in the Mist for us to
fall asleep to - what a hostess!

The next day we drove to Nashville where we would meet up with our new roadie / merch / photo dude /
good vibrationarian, Wes! A real southerner too, so you know we're happy. His girlfriend Tasha got the
privilege of watching us at our lamest show of the tour, but as a consolation, she did get to witness our
sound guy, Brad aka B-rad steal the show with all of his insanity.

We got Wes in the van and headed to Memphis early to eat at World Famous (and Donkeys favorite) Gus's Chicken!
We chowed hard and treated ourselves to some $4.50 40oz's (that's 11.25 cents an ounce!). Happy and full, we
left Gus's and watched as a semi truck hit a telephone pole and made sparks go everywhere. Within minutes we
saw firetrucks and firemen hurrying in to make sure Gus's stayed safe. Minutes after they arrived we saw said
firemen exiting with bags of chicken in their hands and grins on their faces. Memphis!

And now we're back in the van and headed west toward Denton chasing the sun. Are you still reading this?
Come to a show already!

The Donkeys

New Tour Dates

Just Annouced tour dates with the Hold Steady and a summer trip to Calgary for Sled Island Festival

Tour Blog Entry #6

Okay, where do I begin? The east coast is a blur at best. So many friends,
so many bars, so many late night hours, Before I get ahead of myself lets go
back to where we left off, Boston.

We found Jefe and did he have some
stories to tell. What should have been a fourty five minute trip to Detroit
and a three hour flight to Boston ending up taking him upwards of twenty hours
between trains, busses, forgoten lugage, and long distance cab rides. But by the
time we rolled in to Cambridge, sure enough he was there waiting. I really wanted
to get the story in his words, but he had no time as he is now in Portrugal having
left the day after our Brooklyn show. I will get it out of him though, I feel it
would be doing the world a great disservice to let that saga go undocumented.

T.T. the Bear's Place was the venue for the night located in the heart of
Cambridge off of Mass. Ave. With the sound check done we sought out to find our
friends Sterling and Andrew. Some of our oldest tour dogs. We had met them on
our first trip out with Casiotone when thier band Pants Yell opened for us.
We found an Indian food place and I ate entirely too much food then headed back
to the club. As it turns out New Englanders are a hard bunch to stir. Despite
their rigid demeanor, we were assured that everyone had a great time. After the
usual routine of late night drinks and catching up with old friends we fell
asleep with the promise of leasurely day spent in Boston.

New Haven, home of a little college by the name of Yale, was our next stop and
it is only two hours south of Boston so we had time. Late breakfast/lunch with
Sterling's special lady Shiphrah then we decided to walk about the town a little
to take in some local color.

As it turns out we had parked pretty close to
Fenway (home of the Redsox) so we went to take a closer look at Americas oldest
ballpark. Walking around the back of the building I had noticed an ajar door so we
took the iniciative to let ourselves in. Pretending like we owned the place when
confronted by employees of the park we were treated to a self directed tour of the
grounds. It really is pretty impresive. So much history there, from Babe Ruth to ManRam,
it's hard to not get wrapped up in it. We then headed over to our friends work to
say bye and enjoy a rooftop view of the city before packing it up to the next show.

New Haven, CT was a good one, we were playing in the back room/dancehall of an uppercrust
pizza joint. The place looked exactly like a resturaunt in San Diego by my house so I
asked if they were affiliated and found out that an ex-Yale stundent had bitten the
business model from them. Or atleast that is the claim, who knows. The show ended up
being a lot of fun. The crowd got very into it unlike Cambridge and we were treated
to a wide variety of crazy dancing. We hit the road to New York that night so as
to get Jefe and Sam into the loving arms of thier waiting lady friends. While Jessie,
Tony, and I headed to house of one of the world's greatest people Maurina Lioce....

We had some great shows in New York. We played the Cake shop in Manhattan with Citay.
They have a whole new lineup and their guitar player Evan looks like a wizard with a
Les Paul. They sounded great every night we played with them. The cake shop might
have been the sweatiest show yet. At one point I got light headed on stage and was
scared I was going to pass out! Tito, Anthony and I ran across the street and ate at my
favorite indian food stop called Punjab. Its amazing indian fast food open 24 hours
set up for NY taxi drivers. It's the closest thing to my moms cooking. After the show
we had an after party at our friend Rhea's back yard and it got pretty loose. This
lasted til morning.

The Brooklyn show at the Rock Stop was great too. I was surprised to meet a certain
lead guitar player from the legendary thrash metal band Testament who was delighted
that I knew who he was. People in New York are not afraid to dance to the Donkeys which
made us very happy. We also did some sight seeing and went to the MET and saw some amazing
art with our very good friend Erica. We ended up pulling off another all nighter at a bar
that our friend Maurina manages. That night was the last time we saw our beloved Jefe. We
said our good byes and parted ways. On a happier note Tito got a really awesome donkey with
zebra stripes tattoo the next morning. New York was pretty much what we expected: a ton of
fun and absolutely no sleep.

Talk to you soon
The Donkeys

Tour Blog Entry #5

When we last left you we were mourning the loss of our friend at the Canadian border.
Jefe was somewhere in Michigan, and we were headed towards Toronto. Two out of four
of us had never been there, but the ones that had (self included) didn't really think
much of it from our previous visits. We were soon eating our words as Toronto put on it's
best face for us. The highway to the club was closed, the traffic was horrible as a result,
and they didn't do a very good job of marking the detour. Despite all of that Toronto is a
beautiful city, it was a glourious day, and there were scores of rollerbladers that made
for good people watching. Without the help of our wireless device's to get us safely to
our destination we had to fend for ourselves but managed to find the club after a little while.

Sneaky Dee's is in a pretty hoppin' part of town. Tons of good resturaunts and bars and even
more good lookin' people. We met up with some friends who we were going to stay with, played our
show and comenced with the the drinking of some Canadian lagers. After sleeping in a little
too late we went out to the Kensington Market for some food and shopping. What was called a market
was really just an old neighborhood made up of a bunch of really narrow streets that has become
a hub for just about everything you could want. Lunch done and supplies bought we packed up the
van and headed out to Hamilton, Ontario.

About fourty five minutes southwest from Toronto,
Hamilton also proved to be a really cool town. The Casbah was where we were playing that night.
When we showed up we were greated by maybe the nicest promoter/soundguy combo ever. Caleb kept
us abreast of the best place to eat in town and which of the unfamiluar beers we should drink,
while Brandon dialed us in to perfection jamming along with us at the mixing board. After a well
received set that ended with Anthony on his knees wailing out a Gloria cover we chilled real hard
with the locals and our old friend Glen then made the drive back to Toronto. Rory was nice enough
to leave us a key, he went to his parents cabin in the woods to celebrate Victoria Day, so we had
the place to ourselves.

Now, of all the cities we are playing on this tour and all the ones
we have played in the passed, I think Montreal may be one of the most looked forward to places in
North America. I had been there when I was younger but I really wanted to experience it as an adult.
We got to the club early did our sound check and split. We were directed to the St. Laurant area
or something like that for food. We had been told about the bagels from Fairmont bagels and the
smoked meat sandwiches at Schwartz's. But Sam had only one thing on his mind and if we didnt get
some Poutine in front of him he was going to kill. For all of you that don't know what that is
(most likely most of you) poutine is a Montreal specialty that consists of french fried potatos
and cheese curds covered in a brown gravy. We searched for a while and found the "best" in town
which ended up being epic. They served a bunch of different variations of the classic and we
all found something we wanted and feasted like kings. So Good. Being that is was a holiday a
lot of the shops in town were closed which sucked becuase there were a lot of rad looking
places to go. As finding poutine had taken up most of our time we had to go back to the club.
Such is the problem with touring, you never get enough time to really see any of the places
you are in. But who am I to complain. The crowd that night definitley falls under the
quality over quanity catagory. But I want to stress quality. Two in particular, Matisse and
Alex had driven an hour to make the show and were super jazzed to see us. As we were to see them.

Late night bagels fresh out of a wood burning stove and a Days Inn concluded our Montreal stay.
We are now stateside in cellular range and speeding our way to Boston to find Jefe and hear all
about his midwest adventure.

the Donkeys

Email from Jefe

Dudes, thank you so much for the messages, I'm so bummed I missed both calls!
Port Huron was my home for the last 2 days but now I'm on my way to Boston, and it's a long way. There is no direct option
to Detroit so I had to take Amtrak to Battle Creek (where i am now) and then back to Detroit, it really sucks.
Then I'm flying tonight from Detroit to Boston and I get there at midnight.
By far the cheapest option was to just go home to NY but I miss you bros so much that
logic just isn't really working...and it was just too depressing to have the trip over at
fucking Port Huron! That place was awesome in the creepiest sense. Part ghost town and part Gummo,
but in a weird middle class way.
I indulged in $1 beers at the bowling alley which was completely empty,
but I spent most my time at Zebra Bar in the next room.

In the middle of the night there was a
knocking at my door at the Super 7 and then someone whispered:
"Ray Ray...
Ray Ray...it's P-Tone!"
I told him through the door he had the wrong room.

Yesterday I walked to the water without seeing a single person or car but then found people fishing
all along the railing. One guy looked like Gilbert Grape's mom fishing in a wheelchair.
I took a look at Canada and flipped her off!
I also heard from everyone I talked to that
the DUI thing is usually a judgement call, which I didn't need to hear. I also heard that our spot was
one of the strictest points of entry and that Detroit would have been easier. This other girl
told me to just fly over and I'd have no problem.
Anyhoo, I hope you guys are well. How have the shows been? I'm trying not to think about you in Montreal tonight, it really depresses me.
So call or text when get back in the US, I should be around for whenever you roll into town.
Thanks again for calling, it really cheered me up both times! See you tomorrow

Your #1 Stroh

Tour Blog Entry #4

Hi everybody! This update is a little bittersweet as we had to leave our
roadie/merchie/photo-documentarian/positive-vibrationarian, Jeff in Port Huron,
Michigan, because he fell in love with the people there, was inaddmissable,
or just too cool for Canada to handle. Either way, the rest of us Donkeys are
real sad to see him go and wish him all the best on his adventure back to the
east coast. The van seems so dark without his laugh and ummm, hair, so please
excuse me if the voice of this update seems shakey, as I'm holding back tears while I write.

So last we left you in internet land was Lawrence, KS, where we said goodbye to our friends
and headed north to Minneapolis. When we drove up we saw crowds and crowds of people and
scalpers in the streets selling tickets. "Wow! We've arrived," I thought to myself, smiling.
But wait, people are entering next door and oh $h!t it's the Cars. So needless to say, pretty
much everyone in Minneapolis went to see the Cars that night except for a few very loyal and
awesome Donkey fans including Mark and Andy from Fog and Mark's girlfriend Jessica. We met
Mark and Andy while we were all touring with Why? last summer and it was a real treat hanging with them again.

After Minneapolis we scooted into Chicago to Shubas, which we finally learned was once was
THE Shlitz brewery--Awesome! We also got to see our great old freind Owen Asworth and his new
band Advance Base, who totally slayed. Owen and his lovely wife, Holly put us up and we stayed
up super late talking about records and keyboards and drum sequencers and babies. Early in the
morning Owen made us possibly our best breakfast of the tour: eggs (made by Tim), roasted sweet
potatoes, avocado, Aardvark hot sauce, and the dude made corn bread muffins--from scratch! Owen
knows how to host a band and had the espresso pot brewin' non-stop. What a guy!

From Chicago we drove south to Bloomington, IN, and did a quick radio spot. We played three
songs and were in and out in well under an hour. This left us plenty of time for Jessie to go
on a quick motorcycle ride with our good friend Mike of Whipoorwill and Magnolia Electric Co.
fame. Jessie held on tight because he didn't want a sweet release. After the joyride we met up
with our freinds at the label and got treated to a great dinner. Back at the club it was
really starting to fill up with the who's who of Bloomington and it was really fun connecting
with all of our old friends. We even met a girl who said she had the Donkeys first album and
listened to it while driving around Africa all summer! Tim's dad, Big Tim and wife, Bree, made a
huge drive to be there and were cracking up everyone per usual. By set time, things felt like
they were going well, but when Beach Dog and Mikie helped sing back-ups on Downtown Jenny, I knew
we killed it. After the show I was challenged to a ski ball competition and killed that too!
What a night! We ended up at our pal JC's beautiful house where there was a grand piano in the living
room, a 1967 Mercury Cougar in the driveway and Corona Lights in the fridge!

Next we washed the metaphorical jalepeno vinegar out of eyes, and headed north to Pontiac, Michigan.
We were greeted by what looked like a set straight from Robocop and quoted Robo 1 and 2.
Tim's sister, Melissa, cousin Jimi, Erin, andaunt Cheri all showed up and Donkeys got right
back in the Strohs zone. Old San Diego buddies Lindsay and John Zappos were there too, and a girl
who didn't know we were in Bloomington the night before and drove five hours to see us from Indianapolis--what an honor!

Now we're arriving in beautiful Toronto and I already miss Jeff. By the way, EVERYONE ROLLERBLADES HERE,
I love it! Thanks for checking in, and come to a show, eh?

the Donkeys

Tour Blog Entry #3

Hey kiddos! So I am officially on the technological freeway and heading straight to blog city.
As you may know we are zooming around the country to promote our new pancake out on Dead Oceans
"Born With Stripes". As I write we are heading to Minneaoplis, but I should rewind a little.
Last we posted we were in Seattle where we had our last show of a west coast jont with our friends
The Social Studies! The next morning we got our new van "Carol" an oil change and away we went,
next stop Torrey, Utah. This drive is your standard big boy of a drive. A whopping 1,052.
Well let me tell you folks, it was worth every mile. We played the Patio, A Spaghetti
western saloon. We played outside looking out amongst the most beautiful scenery you could
imagine. Playing and setting up the show was the folkster David Williams. After the show
we got to hang out with the friendly and delightfuly wild locals. Playing a great card game
named Guts all night with the owner John and co.
Next morning we blasted off to Denver
Colarado. The drive was like Jessie likes his women. Long, curvey and beauitiful. In Denver
we played the great Rock and Roll club, The High Dive. Before the show we got to listen to
records on the caliphone I borrowed from my dad and visit with our friends Kizzy and K.C from
Fort Collins, Colarado. Backstage at the High Dive is covered with tags of punned out band
names mixed with foods. Like Oreo Speedwagon, Dinosaur Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Seven Slayer
Burrito too name a few. Tito was the champion of our humble crew. Giving the wall a pun-isment,
he added Serge Gainseburger, John Kale, !!! en and many more.
Next stop was our home away
from home, Lawerence KS! We had a great dance partied out show at The Replay and got to hang
with our treasured Kansas ambassadors Katie, Amanda, Kelly and even ex-pat Dri! After staying
with Katie at her most gorgeous farm house we found ourself at our favorite record store in the
country, Love Garden. We emptied our pockets,filled our beer bellies, hugged all our friends and
jetted to Dubuque Iowa.
Dubuque is home of one of our favorite bars, Pauls tavern. Full of
taxidermied animals and some of the best burgers you will ever eat, Pauls is a must. Dubuque
is also home of the drunkest people that The Donkeys have ever seen, heard, smelled, or
imagined before. Luckily they liked us and a big dance party ensued after the crowd was warmed
up by our quad city friends Chrash. Instead of listening to our bodies, we ended up listening
to a ton of awesome records all night at our host and singer of Kerosene Circuit Aaorn's
house. Earlier that night we had heard an ever so plastered Dubuque woman angrilry yell at
her even more plastered friend who wanted to go home, " You are going to drink til' you
puke because you're from motherf*cking Dubuque". I'm not from Dubuque, but hell, when in
Rome do as the crazy drunk out of their minds Romans do.
Hurting, but full of excitement
we shoved off to Davenport, home of Daytrotter and our good friend Patrick Stolley, engineer
extradonaire. Got right to business in Pat's beautiful Future Apple Tree Studio and sent Jefe
for a case of beer. Eventually we recorded five live tracks for Daytrotter, a great website run
by the super cool Sean and Phil. After the magic making we headed over to Casa de Stolley for
a grill out with him and his awesome family. Bbq burgers and vegetables nursed us back to human
state and after stocking up on Templeton Rye and hitting Ragged Records we are ready to roll on
down the road. Until next time, hee-yah!

the Donkeys

Tour Blog Entry #2

So here are the pictures from Utah that I was talking about. It is amazing how many
of the same pictures I took. As you may notice, even after weeding out the bad ones
there are still alot of the same. Whatever though, that place was crazy pretty. I
wandered off to that bluff the morning after the show while the dudes were sleeping.
After climbing up it and being way to excited about the view I realized I had forgoten
how I had gotten up there. With a little bit of panic and and the vision of having to cut
my hand off after getting trapped, I managed to shimmy down a crack in that rock and
jumped to freendom. I did manage to hurt my foot, but that's what you get for being
stupid and wandering off into the wild.
There is jessie next to some petroglyphs,
chimney rock, what I thought was petrified wood, and the most epic picture I have ever
taken of a humming bird. stoked!!!


the Donkeys

Tour Blog Entry #1

Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and lastly, Torrey (thats in Utah)
are behind us and we head to the mile high city of Denver. I have to say that i did not
anticipate the shear natural beauty that torrey had to offer. Just outside of the Reef National
park in the cayon lands of southern Utah. It was an epic backdrop to an outdoor show. We
probably took upwards of a hundred pictures, once we weed them out a little we'll post some
for sure. Meanwhile here are a few from those first couple drives.

Talk to you soon.

the Donkeys

New Record, New Site...

Two Thousand and Eleven the Donkeys Have a new record out on Dead Oceans
(Born With Stripes) We have a new van to take us around the country. We loved sancho very
much and it breaks our heart to let him go. But we had to get with the times. more touring more
gear more merch means bigger van. Don't worry though we aren't leaving the cocaracha horn behind.

As you my be able to tell we have gotten a new website as well. Our good friend Andy Ward helped
us with the illustrations that now spruce up our interweb image. And I with my limited coding ability
have put it together to the best of my ability. Not to shabby. Sure it could be a little smoother
around the edges, but you get what you pay for, and in this case it was free but for time. Maybe
soon I will send it all over to a proffesional to clean it up for us. Until then enjoy.

So Yeah, it's a new year we have a new record and we are hitting the road in our new van to come
play for all of you. So check out the tour dates and come say hi when we come to your town.

Peace out & see you soon.

much love

the Donkeys